Direct Mail Strategies in a Web 2.0 World?

With all the buzz surrounding social media and web technologies and how cheap and effective they can be for professionals (even lawyers) to build and enhance relationships that lead to more business — you’d think something as old school as direct mail marketing would be dead in the water, or at least circling the drain. But not so, says John O. Cunningham. He writes in our latest feature article, Direct Mail Strategies in a Web 2.0 World, that direct mail is alive and well and thriving in the world of professional services. He interviews long time direct mail pro Rachel Hayes, former vice president and principal consultant for Wellesley Hills Group, a management consulting, marketing and lead generation firm that serves professional service firms. The article provides both evidence of and advice for direct mail success. Check it out at: Legal Marketing Reader. And come back here to comment if you want to add to the conversation.

Thanks for patiently waiting for this latest LMR feature!


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