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Social Media Round Up – 4 Great Articles You Might Have Missed

If you are a regular follower of Legal Marketing Reader, then you may have already seen these articles — some of the most recent links from our Legal Marketing 101, which documents some of the best articles from around the web. Recently, we featured these four articles on social media topics.

Just in case you missed ’em!


Changing of the Blogs – Trust Matters is Back!

Just a note that the RSS feed problem related to the Trust Matters blog from Charles Green and Co. is back in action. We are happy to report its feed now appear under the “Top Blogs” tab, bottom row, center square. It replaces Patrick Lamb’s excellent blog, In Search of Perfect Client Services (which was filling in for the broken feed), and now lives under the “More Blogs” tab, top row, center square. Sadly, we retired the In-House Rants feed for lack of updates.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

Direct Mail Strategies in a Web 2.0 World?

With all the buzz surrounding social media and web technologies and how cheap and effective they can be for professionals (even lawyers) to build and enhance relationships that lead to more business — you’d think something as old school as direct mail marketing would be dead in the water, or at least circling the drain. But not so, says John O. Cunningham. He writes in our latest feature article, Direct Mail Strategies in a Web 2.0 World, that direct mail is alive and well and thriving in the world of professional services. He interviews long time direct mail pro Rachel Hayes, former vice president and principal consultant for Wellesley Hills Group, a management consulting, marketing and lead generation firm that serves professional service firms. The article provides both evidence of and advice for direct mail success. Check it out at: Legal Marketing Reader. And come back here to comment if you want to add to the conversation.

Thanks for patiently waiting for this latest LMR feature!

Legal Marketing 101 – Best of the Web

Legal Marketing 101 is the section of Legal Marketing Reader that collects the best articles from around the web on legal marketing topics that we find especially useful and practical. We catalog them on the site for handy access. Here are 5 of the latest entries…

If you know of a recent resource that you think your peers will find of value, please recommend it here in our comments section. Thanks!

Lessons from the Recession: How Marketing Practices and Priorities Can Make the Difference

The latest feature article at Legal Marketing Reader is a summary of findings of a recent survey by the Alterra Group showing that despite the sour economy, a number of professional services firms actually held their revenue steady or even increased it in the past year. What separates the firms that thrive? Their research found that the more successful companies had distinctly different marketing practices and priorities than those whose revenues declined in the past year. To read the full article, click on:
Lessons from the Recession.

Changing of the Blogs

Hello readers,

I apologize for the “broken” square  (bottom center) on the Top Blogs tab, for so long. I’ve finally replaced the broken RSS feed with a new blog… In Search of Perfect Client Service by Patrick Lamb. Blogs come and go in the LMR universe based on who is actively blogging and providing value-added and practical content, and whose syndication feeds are compatible with the LMR programming. The Trust Matters blog continues to be a great one, but until we can bring it to you without technical interruption, please enjoy In Search…

Thanks for bearing with me,

Amy Campbell

Do-It-Yourself Marketing Tips for Small Law Firms

Legal services consultant and writer John O. Cunningham has published another feature article on Legal Marketing Reader, this time aimed at small law firms. “Small law firm practitioners often lack a mega-firm’s arsenal of marketing resources,” according to Cunningham. “But there are many ways to compete effectively for the attention of clients and referral sources without expensive advertising,” he said.

Read the article, by clicking on the title below:
“Do-It-Yourself” Marketing for Small Law Firms.


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